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Student Testimonials


Certificate in Counselling Skills


The course was challenging and interesting. Hari Murday, our tutor would regularly stretch, challenge and support students on the course. I gained from it both personally and professionally. I learnt a lot about myself and about my relations with others which gave me a different perspective on several personal issues so that they no longer bother me. Professionally, it has helped lead to a greater understanding of clients. I would recommend the course to anyone, even if they decide not to progress to becoming a counsellor.


Hazel Bate

Stress Management Practitioner

Relaxation for Living & More Ltd


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling


I have made a very personal as well as academic journey on this course. I feel that I have embodied the techniques of the approach and made them a natural part of me. This has enabled me to gain a deeper awareness of myself and of others resulting in my relationship with myself and others changing. This has also reflected positively on my client work.


The course has enabled me to enter the counselling profession with much more knowledge and confidence than I have experienced from other trainees and some qualified professionals. This is greatly due to the course tutors' personal input into the training provided. The MBET Diploma is definitely a level above the average standard. It is a challenging and exciting course suitable for anyone with a passion to enter the counselling profession with advanced skills and knowledge.


Aysha Noorgat

MBET Graduate

Serene Minds Counselling Ltd


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling


I have been with MBET since 2012 and I have just completed the first year of the Diploma. For me it's important that the course is interesting, intellectually stimulating and challenging, and MBET's Diploma really achieves this. I have found MBET tutors to be really dynamic, engaging and skilled in their practice and have both breadth and depth of knowledge.


Furthermore, the practice through experiential learning (including mindfulness) has developed my skill and confidence as a trainee therapist, and has certainly helped me in my work as a recovery practitioner in substance misuse. I feel that during the last two years at MBET, through reflection and practice I have become more mindful and self-aware and I have experienced marked personal growth. Thanks MBET!


The courses at MBET offer something for everyone, being integrative they bring together experiential dynamic, emotion focused and CBT (including mindfulness-based) approaches. In addition, being a private training centre, it means that it attracts quality students and the small class size which really facilitates learning. I am enjoying my time at MBET and I would strongly recommend its courses to anyone with an interest in mindfulness and emotion focused therapies.


Hannah Garland

Recovery practitioner at CRI



Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling



I have studied with MBET for the last three years, culminating in the successful completion of the Level-4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.  


I can say without hesitation that these have been among the most transformative and emotionally fruitful years of my life.  The curriculum for this course is up to the minute with current developments in contemporary therapeutic practice; informed by the latest neuroscience and clinical research.  The small group sizes are a real bonus and the depth of the course material, although highly challenging both personally and academically, frequently exceed the Level-4 requirements.  


The carefully considered combination of theoretical perspectives blend seamlessly to create a superb foundation for the future.


Tony Chapman






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