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About MBET Centre

Our philosophy

The underlying philosophy of MBET is based on a tradition which puts forward a method for engaging in the process of inner exploration. It is assumed that through direct perception of the interplay of internal experiences an exploration of our own nature and of the nature of all that is around us becomes possible. It is also through the process of inner exploration that one becomes able to embody the qualities inherent in the exploration itself.

Underpining this is the understanding that there are serious limitations to the conceptual mind when it comes to exploring the inner world. As a consequence a review of our conceptions of self, awareness, attention and the way information is processed is necessary.

MBET takes a dialectical perspective on the nature of reality. This view emphasizes the limitations of linear thinking about causation and the benefits of seeing change and relatedness as fundamental characteristics of reality. It substitutes both / and for either / or. This approach fosters deeper understanding of the complexity of human experience.



Our Approach

MBET does not conceive of Mindfulness as a set of skills and techniques which can be an 'add-on' to our practice. Rather, we see it as a 'way of being' which emerges as a result of sustained engagement in Mindfulness practice and which becomes an integral part of the person of the therapist.

Embodiment of process by the therapist is the feature of the approach which differentiates it from other approaches.

The ability to engage with individual clients at any given moment in time is central to being a competent therapist. MBET training not only seeks to equip the trainee with a range of techniques and skills but most importantly it facilitates an experiential understanding of the self which is regarded as the major tool in therapy and in all aspects of living.

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