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Introduction to Counselling - MBET Certificate (flexible learning)


Three main approaches will be explored during the course of the training - the person centred approach to counselling, the cognitive behavioural approach and the psychodynamic approach. Although some time will be spent looking at the history and development over time of the 3 approaches, the focus will be on how the approaches are being applied now.



Students will observe recordings of role plays in each of the approaches and will demonstrate understanding through written reflection on what  has been observed.



Each course is designed to develop certain 'learning outcomes'. The learning outcomes below reflect levels of understanding which students will be expected to have by the end of the course:
1. Basic knowledge of different perspectives and their implications for practice with everyday life problems and common mental health problems (anxiety and depression);
2. Understand the role of therapeutic relationship;
3. Understand the importance of personal growth of the therapist to counselling practice;
4. Write clearly and concisely;
5. Critically reflect on own learning;
6. Incorporate theoretical knowledge into own practice or life.


Learning outcomes will be assessed on an ongoing basis through learning reviews which students produce after each Unit is covered. Learners will receive formal feedback after completing all written work and the final assessment outcome will be communiced after a video conferencing session. .


Dates: TBA (between January and August each year)

Duration: 6 weeks
Fee: £350

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